Our mission

Fund social projects led by non-profits to help disadvantaged people, in the areas of:

  • social & sustainable housing
  • professional integration & education

With regard to social & sustainable housing, we support projects to build and / or renovate living spaces for vulnerable people, while contributing to lower energy consumption and the preservation of the environment.
With regard to professional integration & education, we mainly support disadvantaged young adults and focus on learning skills related to the building trades.

Beyond the basic financial aspect, we also ensure that these projects benefit from our know-how and technical skills.

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The people of the Saint-Gobain Foundation

In a more united and equitable word

The Foundation is at the core of the Group’s societal initiatives

Through its actions, the Foundation espouses the Saint-Gobain Group’s vision and values. Indeed, we are working to help create tomorrow’s world. We want to act as a conscious corporation by working with our stakeholders. The Foundation is a way for employees to participate, all together, to build a more sustainable and inclusive world.
Beyond the basic financial aspect, we also ensure that these projects benefit from our know-how and technical skills.

At the core of our business: 

Together with our financial support, we also offer our expertise in the field of construction and renovation, so that everyone can benefit from healthy, warm, affordable and more eco-responsible living spaces.

At the core of our values:
social integration

We work alongside organisations to fight against exclusion, supporting social and professional integration through skills training. These programmes help beneficiaries achieve greater financial autonomy, and promote self-confidence and dignity.

We care about: 
our environmental commitment

We encourage projects that include ecological criteria: for example, improved energy efficiency and thermal insulation, or compliance with environmental standards.


We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to build or rebuild their lives.

That is why all the projects supported by the Foundation are aimed at people in situations of exclusion or financial insecurity.

Together with our partnering non-profits, we provide each woman, man and child with the help and support she or he needs.


The Foundation is governed by three independent bodies comprised of Group executives, elected staff representatives, qualified specialists, and committed active and retired employees.

The Selection Committee

Meets at least 4 times a year. Gives an initial opinion on the suitability of potential projects, based on technical criteria presented in the application filedby the sponsor.  The opinions of local operational teams are also taken into account.

Management Committee

Also meets 4 times a year. Gives the go-ahead for projects and determines the amount of funding to be allocated.

Board of directors

Meets twice yearly. Approves the annual budget, examines the activity and accounts. It also sets out the main orientations for general policy.