Who can propose/sponsor a project?

Any active or retired employee of the Saint-Gobain Group can become a sponsor! Whatever department or position you are in, whether or not you have volunteer experience, whatever your seniority - you can help people around you.

How do I know if my project is eligible for support from the Saint-Gobain Foundation?

It is important to check that my project meets the acceptance criteria:

  • My project is located in a country where Saint-Gobain is present
  • My project is related to social housing and / or professional integration
  • My project benefits people in situations of exclusion or financial insecurity
  • My project is supported by a charity or non-profit organisation
  • The sponsor (or the co-sponsor) is located near the project

The more precise, structured and complete your application, the more likely it is that your project will be selected.

What is my role as sponsor?

I am responsible for the smooth running of the project.

  • I ensure that the project is in line with the Foundation's criteria 
  • I submit a detailed funding application to the Foundation for my project 
  • I check on how the project is progressing in the field 
  • I am accountable for the proper use of the funds granted
How long do I have to commit for?

It depends on the project. The sponsor undertakes the monitoring of all the stages of the project all the way through to completion. 
Some projects can last 2 months; other larger projects can take longer (sometimes up to 2 years). It depends on the size of the project, the speed at which the non-profit operates, and the accuracy of the sponsor's original application. In short, it depends on the commitment of everyone in the project management chain.


What type of non-profit can benefit from financial assistance from the Foundation?

The organisation leading the project must have a defined legal status and pursue a non-profit goal.

The organisation can be: a charity, non-governmental organisation (NGO), foundation or training organisation.
Projects must be in the field of social & sustainable housing, professional integration or education.
Projects must be strictly apolitical and secular, and organisations leading them must not be aiming to further any religious or political cause. 
If the organisation benefitting from support depends on a larger, parent organisation, the parent organisation must also meet the above criteria.

What type of expenses does the Foundation support?

The Foundation finances costs directly linked to the completion of the project, more specifically expenses relating to the construction, renovation or improvement of living spaces for the beneficiaries.
Any operating and communication costs of the organisation leading the project are therefore excluded from funding.

What expenses are not covered by the Foundation?
  • Everyday activity and operating costs (rent, travel expenses, salaries, etc.)
  • Communication costs
  • One-off and non-permanent actions: events, sponsorship, raids, galas, solidarity races, humanitarian missions, etc.
  • Individual, temporary or event projects (4L trophy, galas, etc.)
  • Sports or cultural projects, activities or competitions
  • Personal projects: granting of scholarships, financing of studies, study missions, school trip projects including  the areas the Foundation is involved in
  • For-profit projects
  • Projects that are not of a clear secular and apolitical nature

The Foundation does not provide building materials.

If your project involves the donation of building materials in France, Saint-Gobain Solidarités can help you.

Otherwise, download instructions for the donation of material:

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